Mercy Ecology at
Mercy Ecospirituality Center

Our mission is to inspire reverence for Earth and to live in harmony with all of creation.

We're Hosting Another BioBlitz!

A BioBlitz is a free citizen-science event held to identify as many species as possible within a certain location and time period. It's a community event where scientists, naturalists and volunteers come together to inventory different species to raise awareness of the biodiversity and all the ways to care for it. It's a great way to engage our community in learning about and connecting with our environment through walks, discussion and play. It’s also an excellent excuse to have fun in the great outdoors!

Saturday, June 18th 2022
7:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
The day will begin with birding with the Rutland County Audubon group and will end with nighttime moth sightings with JoAnne Russo! Though the full schedule will be released soon, lunch is included and there will many nature walks and fun activities for all ages. Join us for one or all events of the day!


Registration is required for this event, so please click here or
call us at (802) 537-4531 to sign up!

A space for healing, community and reflection

At Mercy Ecospirituality Center, we've come to know our connection to nature as a spiritual practice - one that invites us to contemplate and engage with the world in an intentional way. Dedicated to developing a more insightful and meaningful relationship with self and the world around us, our community focuses on connecting people with nature and healing the earth by weaving together practices like local outreach, gardening, beekeeping, farming and sustainability. 

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Life on the Farm

A sneak peek into our lives here in Vermont. 
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We also have many beautiful handmade and unique items for sale in the farm house,
so please feel free to take a look while visiting.


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