The Cosmic Walk

May your heart expand with gratitude as you walk this sacred path.

Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis of Genesis Farm in New Jersey originally created the Cosmic Walk, which tells the amazing story of our shared existence. The trail walks guests through the 13.7 billion year history of the story of the Universe by marking out significant “moments of grace” from the original flaring forth (also known as the big bang). As Sister Mary Pendergast states in the video above: “it is the narrative of one single integrated activity. Thomas Berry said '“...the universe, by definition, is a single gorgeous celebratory event.”' 

Because it evokes a deep sense of sacredness and unity of all created life, the Cosmic Walk has been recreated worldwide in a variety of ways and we at Mercy Ecospirituality Center are proud to have a walk of our own. We join many, many others in the re-telling and walking of our cosmic story. Our 0.2 mile trail weaves through our woods to deepen the sense of wonder and draw our guests into a sense of kinship with all beings. We invite you to walk reflectively, pausing at the "moments of grace" that have been painted by one of our sisters on slabs of Vermont slate. Each moment was necessary for the next sequence of transformations, resulting in the full flowering of Earth and the development of a consciousness that could reflect on it with awe and wonder.

The Cosmic Walk is open to the public during daylight hours, though visitors are encouraged to call in advance. There is also a booklet available upon request that illustrates and describes each of the 22 milestones.